It all began when his dad brought home a keyboard one afternoon. Cristian Cuevas, born in Santiago, Chile, began playing piano at the age of 6. It was immediately evident that he had a gift and by age 8 he was playing with local bands and artists all over Chile. By the time Cristian was 9, his talent caught the attention of Chile’s media, and he became a steady musical guest on ‘‘Buenos Dias A Todos”, the highest-rated early morning show in Chile. Due to the success and exposure gained while working on “Buenos Dias A Todos”, Cristian was contacted by the producers of Univision where he was asked to fly to Miami FL, and perform on the TV show ‘’Sabado Gigante’’. After performing, Cristian was offered a steady position in the show and when he was 11 years old, Cristian and his family moved to Miami where he began his music career. By the time Cristian was 17, he was teaching as a private instructor for local Middle-Schools and High-Schools in Miami such as: Miami Killian, Felix Varela and Glades Middle School. When he was 18 years old, Cristian began to gain recognition amongst the Miami music scene and promptly began his first tour with Sonora Carruseles. 


Today, Cristian Cuevas is one of the hardest working pianist in South Florida, He is also  working as the band director and composer for "Gran Oportunidad" a very successful Tv Show on Telemundo. Whether it is performing in sold out venues around the world, playing on national TV for millions of viewers, or recording from his home studio. At age 28, Cristian Cuevas continues writing his musical journey as he is currently working as a producer and arranging his own upcoming album where he is featured singing and playing bass, piano and trumpet. 

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